a.k.a. litho, lithography, offset lithography

Digital Printing is the latest revolution in the print industry. Enabled by digital technology, the most significant difference from other print methods is that there is no printing plate required with digital print. Any image created on a computer can be printed directly to the finished piece via electronic means.

Significant advantages of digital printing include:

  • No printing plate required.

  • Minimal set up time is required on press.

  • Variable imaging allows each sheet to be different, so a job can be printed with sequential numbering, a booklet can be printed which is already in page order, and personalized and addressed mailings can be produced in one printing.

  • Short runs of full color are very affordable compared to offset printing.
  • Digital print, while economical for some print projects, is also just "flat print", but can be enhanced by many of the same methods that are used for offset printing, including using various varnish finishes, ultra-violet coatings, adding thermography, register embossing or other finishing techniques.

    As with any print process, choosing the correct shop and the correct technology for each project can make digital printing an excellent choice.